A notice from your IJIC team


Thank you for visiting our new website. On behalf of your IJIC editorial team, I would like to remind you that our restructured team is working diligently to ensure that all previously accepted manuscripts are published as soon as possible. IJIC editors and reviewers are also your infection prevention and control colleagues, and volunteer for IJIC. Our current increased turnaround times also reflect the realities that we are all dealing with in our own institutions related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  

For authors with accepted manuscripts, please note that our publication order for the 2021 issue will not necessarily reflect the order in which manuscripts were accepted for publication, although we are respecting this order as much as possible. There will however be some exceptions. Accepted manuscripts will be published as soon as possible. 

For new readers and potential authors, IJIC is freely open access and welcomes readers and submissions from around the world. Please visit the about page for information about the scope of our journal and additional details on the submission process. 

On behalf of the IJIC team, thank you for your patience and for sharing your research through IJIC. 

Kathryn Suh, Editor, IJIC