Welcome to the new website of International Journal of Infection Control!


We are very excited to share a few new features and enhancements with you: 

The new site has many new features to enhance the readers experience as well as highlighting the important work of our authors. Opportunities for further dissemination now exist using social media tools and real-time analytics such as:

  • Plum Analytics - a plum analytics widget on each article landing page will show the number of citations as well as media mentions.
  • Usage Statistics - a chart showing the number of downloads will be displayed underneath the abstract of each article.
  • Recommend Articles by Author - provides a list of articles by the same author on the article abstract page
  • New article view XML format for articles published 2021 and onwards provides a side by side dynamic view of articles.
  • New ePUB format for articles published 2021 and onwards. This device-neutral format allows readers to view articles on any eReader.
  • New HTML format for articles published 2021 and onwards. The HTML format is designed for screen viewing, giving it a more pleasing on-screen appearance to scroll through without having to "turn a page".
  • Details on how to cite an article in various formats.
  • Social media sharing tools are now available for each article to encourage further and immediate dissemination of the author’s research.

We hope you enjoy the new site. To stay up to date with news and announcements of IJIC, as well as updates on scholarship applications, click here.